Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Talk Talk Tuesday...

Hello Every One!!!

Today is the first official Talk Talk Tuesday...
There's supposed to be a video but, the Internet doesn't want to agree with me  :(

Favorite Vintage Finds This Week

I love Clara Bow.
I would love to make a coat like that. ( if only i had the time... sigh.)
I saw a really good article in Threads Magazine explaining how to attach fur to other fabrics.

This week was Halloween... that means sales everywhere!!!
PLNDR is a great website for both males and females to find great deals on designer items. The thing I love about websites like PLNDR and Karma Loop is that they have a good selection of both mainstream designers and what I like to call "Indie" designers.

Here are some of my faves from the website...

i have a thing for patterns... they make life more interesting


Those were my favorite finds of the week! What do you think? Comment Comment Comment!

Hmmm... What should the topic the next "Talk Talk Tuesday" video?
Ideas Please!!!