Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shes My Cherry Pie

So here it is!!!

I started this jacket over the weekend. Its starting to come together and will be finished by the time the weekend is over! I can't wait until I'm done constructing it. This will be my first time putting in a lining so..... we'll see how that goes. But, all in all I have faith that can get this project done and looking good!

There are a lot of minor details that I'm thinking of adding. So far I've top stitched everything with decorative stitches (mostly because I know that they are very forgiving and will hide anything if the lines aren't exactly straight!) and they've come out nicely. I've also added some hooks to the shoulder but you'll have to check out later updates to see how that comes out!

Yaaaay top stitching!

love this button

sweet cherry pie

lovely little hooks

Ive been thinking about making videos to display my project... what do you think?

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  1. Sweet Cherry Pie!
    Just make sure you have enough fabric to actually finish the jacket.
    You should post some videos of you working on a project that way I can laugh when you have your random outbursts.


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